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Remote Station / Intelligent Multiplexer / Remote I/O

Up to 16 Isolated Universal Analogue Inputs, with Plug In Terminals.
Each Input Individually Selected & Scaled.
16 Bit Resolution.
Isolated Input for RTD, T/C, mA, mV, V & Pulse/Digital.
RTD: Pt100/Pt1000, -200~320C to -200~800C / (-320~1560F).
T/C: B, E, K, J, N, R, S, T, with CJC.
mA: 0~20mA, 0~2.5mA.
mV: -25~25mV to -200~200mV.
V: 0~1V to 0~15V.
Pulse/Digital: Meter pulses, Counting and Frequency. Max speed 2500Hz.
Low cost Non-Isolated RTD Pt100/Pt1000 only Inputs also available.
Four Dedicated Digital, Isolated, Optocoupler Inputs.
State or Count.
Max speed 8000Hz.
Two Analogue, Isolated, 4~20mA Outputs.
Two Digital, Isolated, Relay Outputs.
Comms Ports:
Port 1: Isolated RS422/RS485 or Ethernet TCP/IP (option).
Port 2: Isolated RS232/RS485.
USB programming port via XU-USB programming key.
RS422/RS485 Up to 1200m.
Cost Effective Radio Installation.
Cost Effective PC or PLC AI Expansion.
Clock/Reset Drive up to Four 2400-M-R / 2100-M input expansion.
Selectable Baud Rates.
Integral MODBUS Bridge to MicroScan data: 256 analogue (words), and 128 digital (bits).
Embedded protocols, Auto Detecting:
MicroScan ASCII,
Modbus RTU,
Modbus TCP.
Average comms message, RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet = 100msec.
4 messages required to read all inputs.
Internal memory refresh rate for all channels = 4 secs.
Interface for 2400-R2 (16 & 32 Relay output expansion).
Stand-alone memory logging option with 2400-A16-SD.
Easy Programming.
Programmable Station Number.
Programmable Relay States - NO or NC.
Comms Failure Time-out Using Relay 2.
Comms TXE Delay Programming.
Programming Information Retained on Power Down.
Universal AC/DC Power Supply (three options to select).
Compact 35mm DIN Rail Mounting.
Easy to Install.
Low Cost.
MicroScan for Laboratory
MicroScan for Industrial
Z-2400 Wireless Zigbee
MicroScan for Laboratory
MicroScan for Industrial
Z-2400 Wireless Zigbee
2400-A16 / 2400-A16-NET
Universal Input Remote Station / Intelligent Multiplexer / Remote I/O
INTECH MicroScan SCADA Software
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Process Indicators
MicroScan SCADA System
Cloud Based Monitoring
Data Acqusition and Control Instrumentation
Black Box Series Controller
Ultra Series Controller
Sludge Interface Blanket - Sludge Finder II
IMP Series Compact UltraSonic Level Sensor
FlowCert (MCERTS) System
Pulsar Guard
HART or ProfiBus Level Sensor
Ultimate Controller - Inteligent Pump Controls
Level / Flow Ultrasonic Sensor and Controller
pH / ORP
Conductivity / Resistivity
BOD - Biological Oxygen Demand
TOC - Total Organic Carbon
COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand
TNb - Total Nitrogen Bound
TOC + TNb + TP + COD - 4 In 1 Analyser
Residual Free or Total Chlorine
DO - Dissolved Oxygen
Chlorine Dioxide
TSS / NTU -Turbidity or Suspended Solids
Residual Ozone
Streaming Current
Particle Counters
Auto Flush Option
SG - Specify Gravity
Online / Process Water Quality Analyzers
Laboratory Glassware and Labware
pH / ORP
Conductivity / Resistivity
Streaming Current
Liquid Particle Counter
Modbus RS485 / SDI 12 Water Quality Sensors
Colony Counter
Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
Water Stills
Hotplate Stirrer
Economical Pocket Tester, Portable and Laboratory Meter
Laboratory Water Quality Meters, Equipments, Glassware and Labware