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Liquid Particle Counter

Online and Grab Sample Operation
Built In Sample Pump
Counts Particle in liquid from 2 to 750 microns
Size Particles from 2 to 125 microns
Up to 8 User Programmable Size Ranges
Large Display with 8 Channels Readout and Graph
Report Total Counts, cnts/ml or cnts/100ml
Volumetric Parts per billion Readout ppb
Data Download to PC via USB
User Friendly, Menu Driven Calibration
Modbus RTU Communication
Laser and Cell Condition Readout (0 to 100%)
External Sensor with Sapphire Optics


Quick and Easy Testing of Grab Samples
Can function as Laboratory or Online Analyser
Provides a Reliable and Accurate Measurements of Particles down to low ppt levels
Advanced firmware and menu functions eliminates need for external software to perform setup and calibration
User friendly calibration routine makes calibration fast, simple and lowers maintenance cost
PI Portable ParticleSense