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Chemical Oxygen Demand, COD
Laboratory COD Analyzer (without chemicals)
LAR's COD procedure is based on the thermal oxidation of the sample at 1,200C, with subsequent detection of the oxygen consumption and this method is comply to ASTM D6238-98. LAR QuicCODlab is designed for fast measurement but yet provide high accuracy result where each measurement can be completed in about 3 minutes.

The high-temperature procedure developed by LAR enables the reliable oxidization of all the organic compounds in the sample at a temperature of 1,200C. The procedure does not need any catalysts or other hazardous or corrosive reagents. Furthermore, the measurement results are free of chloride interferences due to the unique process management. The homogenized sample is injected directly into the reactor where it is completely oxidised and accurately analysed with an O2 detector. This unit is also good in handling high salt content samples.