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Density / Specific Gravity
The Specific Gravity Meter/Liquid Density Monitor will replace ordinary glass bulb and optical refractometer hydrometers that are limited in range, utility and functionality. The Liquid Electronic Hydrometer has an in-tank, drop-hang submersible probe that measures, monitors, records, and controls specific gravity/liquid density during a mixing, blending, distillation, or plating operation.

Simply submerge the measuring probe into liquid and connect to the electronics meter to provide digital readouts of per defined values such as Density, Specific Gravity, Baume, Brix and Alcohol %.
-99.995% accurate, measures in liquids or slurries
Pressure irrelevant - can monitor density at any depth
Remote readout at desired distance from probe
Readout can be chosen in preferred engineering units
In-tank operation
Determines concentration mix (by volume or mass) of the sample
Large sample temperature ranges up to 106C (220F)
Liquid Density / Specific Gravity Meter