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PI Biofilm Analyzer from UK was developed to provide on-line and real-time indications of biofilm activity in cooling towers, hospital water systems, pools, and spas or anywhere biofilm cover grows. Cooling systems and heating systems can be a source of the Legionella or Pseudomonas bacterium. The bacteria often grow in biofilms that adhere to the walls of water systems.

Biofilm probe is designed and operated so that micro-organisms in the environment will settle on probe surfaces before they settle on vessel walls or piping. This gives an early warning of potentially dangerous biological activity in the process. By closely tracking biofilm activity on the probe, the BioSense can take remedial action such as increasing the dosing of a biocide or dispersant. Besides, Biofilm can also induce corrosion and reduce heat exchange efficiencies.

Online Biofilm Monitoring
Cronos BioSense
Biofilm growing on the BioSense Sensor