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UV254 - Organic UVA / UVT
PI CRONOS Controller
High Quality, Low Cost Controller

UVA is an excellent surrogate parameter for TOC, DOC, COD and color
UVT allows for the calculation of optimal UV does for disinfection systems, improving efficiency.
Accurate detection without the cost of reagents.
Few ongoing service or maintenance requirements.
Allows feed forward optimization of coagulation control, resulting in decreases in chemical consumption, reduction in sludge removal costs and minimization of DBP formation potential.
Strong ROI with payback on the analyzer being seen by many customers within a few months.
UVA measurement ensures performance of various contaminant removal technologies such as membranes (RO, NF, UF), ion exchange (nitrates and TOC removal) and granular activated carbon (GAC).
Real time UVA analyzers can provide a final check of effluent water quality and can alarm an operator in case of non-compliance.
A UVA monitor can monitor the percentage removal of organics across any treatment system.
Can be combined with a CRONOS, CRIUS or CRATOS for a multi-parameter UV254 analyzer solution that suits your needs.


Process Control Direct measurement of a parameter to control a process such as coagulation, UV disinfection and membranes.
Specific Parameter Correlation Correlated to another parameter that is impractical or expensive to measure in real time such as TOC, BOD and COD.
Event Monitoring Used to monitor baseline absorbance which can trigger an alarm when an absorbance event occurs such as security monitoring for contamination events in a municipal installation.
Industrial Water and Wastewater secondary and effluent monitoring, to determine treatment efficiency after secondary treatment and provide tertiary treatment monitoring and control
PI UV254Sense- Online UVA / UVT Analyser
PI CRIUS Controller
High Quality, Middle Cost Controller
UV254 Sensor
UV254 Waste Water
UV254 Sensor
UV254 Waste Water
The Online UV254Sense UVA/UVT monitor provide real time organic UVA (Ultra-Violet Absorbance) and UVT (Ultra-Violet Transmission) Analysis. The PI UV254Sense allow for detection of natural organic matter (NOM) which is found in all waters and has a bias toward aromatic compounds which provide significant benefit for monitoring DBP formation potential
Maximum Sensors Inputs: 02

Maximum Outputs: 02 x Analogue Output
                                                  08 x Electromechanical Relays

Maximum Inputs: 08 x Digital Inputs

Communication: (Option, Choose One)
Modbus ASCII / RTU (RS 485)
Modbus TCP (Ethernet)

Enclosure: IP Rated 65
ABS / Polycarbonate / EPDM
Maximum Sensors Inputs: 04

Maximum Outputs: 04 x Analogue Output
                                                   08 x Electromechanical Relays

Maximum Inputs: 08 x Digital Inputs

Communication: (Option, Choose One)
Modbus ASCII / RTU (RS 485)
Modbus TCP (Ethernet)

Additional Option:
Remote Internet Access GSM/GPRS
Remote Access LAN

Enclosure: IP Rated 65
ABS / Polycarbonate / EPDM

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