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Conductivity / Resistivity Measurement
EC-4310 / EC-4310-RS
Conductivity Transmitter
EC-4110 / EC-4110-RS
Intelligent Conductivity Transmitter
EC-410 / EC-430
Conductivity Panel Meter
Suntex Conductivity / Resistivity transmitter or Controller from Taiwan offers intelligent and reliable online conductivity / resistivity monitoring system to suit your different applications need.

Suntex Conductivity / Resistivity controller available in two different ranges. If you are looking for intelligent control unit, model EC-4110 or EC-4310 will be a good choice for you. If you are looking for simple and budget transmitter, EC-410 or EC-430 will suit your need.

Suntex also offers different type of sensor for Inline installation or immersion installation.
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Conductivity / Resistivity
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