INSTRAN Boron Analyzer from Spain is designed to handle all kind of samples ranging from drinking water to waste water application. It incorporates laboratory measuring technique (Colorimetric) into online analyzer with self-cleaning in each analysis to ensure the measurement is in high precision.

The unique design of INSTRAN Boron Analyzer with syringe volume-controlled method ensures syringe will never contact with samples or reagents and thus prolong the shelf life of the syringe. These making the analyzer requires very little maintenance and low reagents consumption but yet powerful and high in accuracy.

INSTRAN Boron Analyser

Measuring Principle: Colorimetric

  • The sample is adjusted to pH between 5 and 6 with the buffer reagent,
  • Addition of Azomethine-H & Ascorbic acid, they reacts with Boron giving a green-yellow color that is measured at 420nm.
  • The method is accurate and sensitive and the range is linear up to 2 ppm and higher ranges can be obtained diluting the sample.


  • Reliable, Exact and Fully Automatic Analysis
  • Self Cleaning After Each Measurement
  • Very low maintenance & operating cost
  • Low reagent consumption
  • Multi-Color Graphic Display
  • Tested without Remarkable Interferences


  • Drinking Water
  • Process Water
  • Ultra Pure Water System
  • Predictive Tool of end of ION Exchange System Operating Cycle
  • De-ionized Water leakage of weak acids, weak bases, silica and colloidal silica particles

Measurement MethodColorimetric Method
Measuring Range0 ~ 500 ug/L (ppb) as BORON
0 ~ 1000 ug/L (ppb) as BORON
0 ~ 2000 ug/L (ppb) as BORON
* Up to 5 mg/L (ppm) can be achieve with Dilution
** For measuring Range Over 10 mg/L (ppm), require a difference measuring method: titration method with electrode
Accuracy+/- 2 % FS
Resolution10 ug/L (ppb)
0.02 mg/L (ppm)
Power100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 200 Watts Max
[Fuse Protection: 250V, 5A]
Dimension500 x 150 x 600 mm (L x W x H)
User InterfaceKeypads with 4 Keys and 4 Indication LED
DisplayBacklit, Graphic and Wide Screen Color
Output2 x Analogue Output 4 – 20mA, Max Load: 700 Ohms
2 x Digital Outputs
Input2 x Digital Inputs [Assigned to detect of lack of Sample or Reagents]
5 x Assignable Digital Inputs
CommunicationModbus RS485 (RTU / ASCII)
Relays4 x Assignable (Free Voltage) Relays with 3 Contacts (C, NO and NC)
CalibrationAutomatic with Schedule
Manual – Automatic On Demand
Sample Flow100 ml/min [Minimum]
WashingAutomatic after Each Measurement
[Programmable with Sample, DI Water or Washing Solution (Hard Cleaning]
Dispensing SystemSyringe Dispensing System with Fast Loop Sampling System [Prevent Syringe in contact with Sample or Reagents] made of Teflon
High reliability Solenoid Valve which can handle particles of dimension up to 1.5mm diameter
ReactorSmall Volume Reaction Cuvette [12ml to 17 ml] with Drain Solenoid Valve able
to handle particles, size up to 3mm diameter
Fluid SystemChemical Resistance Tubing made of Inert Material with direct connection
without coupling
Operating Temp-20 deg C ~ +65 deg C with Maximum RH at 95% Non-Condensing
Sample Temp+ 10 ~ 45 deg C
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