Conductivity / Resistivity

Suntex conductivity / resistivity transmitter from Taiwan offers intelligent and reliable online conductivity / resistivity monitoring system to suit your different applications need.

Suntex conductivity / resistivity transmitter available in three different ranges.

Model EC-4110 and EC-4310 are intelligent control unit with 2 set points, graphic display, compatible with 2- or 4-electrode conductivity cell and include automatic sensor clean function with programmable time interval.

Model EC-410 and EC-430 are budget and for simple application. The compact design fit in small space installation. They are compatible with both conductivity and resistivity measurement.

Model EC-4110-ICON is an Inductive Conductivity meter provide precise inductive conductivity measurements in the harshest chemical condition and also provide concentration measurement of wide range of chemicals such as NaCl, NaOH, H2SO4, HCl and many more.

EC-4310 / EC-4310-RS

144 x 144mm Conductivity / Resistivity Transmitter

  • Measurement range up to 2000mS/cm, resolution up to 0.001microS/cm
  • Equipped with TDS, salinity mode
  • Back-lit LCM display with graphical menu
  • EC-4310 series with setting & last cal. info overview
  • EC-4310-RS with Text, Chart, and trace mode display

EC-4110 / EC-4110-RS

96 x 96mm Intelligent Conductivity / Resistivity Transmitter

  • Measurement up to 200mS/cm
  • EC-4110 equipped with isolated DC 0/4-20mA analog output
  • EC-4110-RS comes with one analog output, RS-485 interface (MODBUS RTU or ASCII) & 50 event records
  • Compatible with NTC30K or PT1000
  • LED indicated alarm or washing status signal

EC-410 / EC-430

48 x 96mm Basic Conductivity Monitor

  • Compatible with 2- or 4- electrode sensors
  • EC-410 comes with one analog output
  • EC-430 features with one analog output and one relay output.
  • Automatic temperature compensation

Conductivity / Resistivity Sensor

  • Applicable for various types of sample including sample with very low conductivity to high conductivity solution.
  • Variety of sensors selection ensure optimum measurement.
  • Temperature range up to 1200C
  • HF resistant sensor for some electronic industry process is also available


Inductive Conductivity Meter

  • Conductivity range up to 2000mS/cm
  • Compatible with anti-fouling electrodeless conductivity sensor
  • With built-in concentration curve and self-defined table function
  • Up to 9 build-in chemical concentration
  • Include measurement in TDS and Salinity

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