LAR QUICKTOCultra – TOC (Total Organic Carbon) ANALYZER

LAR QuickTOCultra Analyser is the most reliable measurement system for the roughest waste water applications.

Due to high temperature combustion at 1200 deg C, this model is excellent in handling sample content, high salt, fatty and high particle samples.

Almost all type of sample can be measured accurately by this unit. Due to combustion at 1200 deg C, NO catalyst is needed.

LAR’s QuickTOCultra is the ultimate online TOC analyser for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) even for the most difficult waste water applications.


  • Exact determination of TC, TOC (TRUE TOC) and TIC
  • Catalyst-free
  • Multi-stream measurements is possible, up to 6 streams
  • No filtration necessary
  • High salt concentrations Sample possible, up to 30% NaCl
  • No memory effects
  • According to DIN EN 1484:1997-08, ISO 8245:1999-03 and EPA 415.1


  • Measuring Principle: High Temperature Combustion at 1200 deg C without Catalyst and Measure CO2 produce with NDIR Detector
  • Measurement Range: 0.1-100 mg/l, 2-400 mg/l, 5-2,000 mg/l, 100-15,000 mg/l, 100-50,000 mg/l, further options available
  • Accuracy and Reproducibility: +/- 2%
  • Maintenance-free particle cutter
  • Unique Robotic Arm Injection System to handle Rough and Dirty Sample
  • Display: High res. 10.4-inch backlit LCD touch screen
  • Auto-start function
  • Self explanatory software
  • Option to Upgrade to 6 Streams in 1 Analyser
  • Option to Upgrade with COD* and/or TNb** Measurement in 1 Analyser
  • Option for Remote Access via TCP/IP

*COD=Chemical Oxygen Demand ** TNB = Total Nitrogen Bound


  • Influent and Effluent water
  • Discharge control
  • Industrial waste water
  • Oil-in-water
  • Process Water
  • Sea water
  • High Salts Content Sample

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Option with Ex-Proof Purge Enclosure for Install Unit in ATEX or IECex Area