LAR QuickTONultra – TNb (Total Nitrogen Bound) Analyser

LAR QuickTONultra is the ultimate online TNb analyzer for the determination of Total Nitrogen Bound (TNb) in waste water and process water applications.


  • Highest combustion temperature (1,200°C) available on the market
  • Measurement of complete samples incl. solids/ particles
  • Excellent detection value from ammonia and nitrate nitrogen
  • High salt concentrations possible
  • Catalyst-free technique
  • No filtration necessary
  • No memory effects
  • According to DIN EN 12260:2003 and ISO/TR 11905-2:1997


  • Measuring Principle: High Temperature Combustion at 1200 deg C without Catalyst and measure NOx produces with EC NOx detector
  • Range: 0 – 200 mg/L
  • Unique Robotic Arm Injection Systems to handle Rough and Dirty Sample
  • Sample Prep: Maintenance-free particle cutter
  • Response Time: 1-2 minutes
  • High resolution and back lit TFT touchscreen graphic display
  • Option to upgrade to 6 Streams in 1 Analyser
  • Option to include TC*, TIC*, TOC*** and/or COD**** in 1 Analyser
  • Option to include Remote Access via TCP/IP

*TC=Total Carbon ** TIC=Total Inorganic Carbon ***TOC= Total Organic Carbon ****COD= Chemical Oxygen Demand


  • Water Influent
  • Water Effluent
  • Discharge Control
  • Industrial Waste Water
  • De-Icing Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Groundwater
  • Process Water
  • High Salt Concentrations
  • Cooling Water