Online Analyser for low level measurement of Hydrocarbon, Oil and VOCs concentration in water – MS1200

The MS1200 Oil in Water and Pollution Analyzer is typically used to protect drinking water treatment plants from pollution events at the raw water intake. These events can impact the quality of the produced water and result in expensive filter replacement and clean-up operations.

In addition, the system can be used for a wide range of surface water, ground water and Industrial water applications. The MS1200 utilizes a contactless measurement technique, sensing headspace gases to provide a measurement system requiring no reagents or gases and with very low maintenance requirements.
It is accurate to low ppb concentrations and its continuous measurement mode provides
immediate information on pollution levels allowing immediate response to any event.

It is available with a standard display or touch screen interface


• No sensor contact with water:
low maintenance, no sensor cleaning
• No reagents: low running costs
• Electronic Nose: not affected by turbidity
• High sensitivity: ideal for potable water
• Can be calibrated for specific substances:
used to monitor known spills
• Detects VOC chemical spills
• Interfaces to wide variety of communication


  • Type: Measurement of Headspace Gases (Henry’s Law) via E-noses
  • Range: 1 – 3000 ppb VOCs
  • Sampling Interval: Continuous
  • Repeatability: +/- 2%
  • Accuracy: +/- 10%


• Monitoring of water abstraction points
• Detection of VOC contamination in wastewater
• Monitoring of drain and storm water systems
• Detection of fuel pollution in surface water
• A monitoring solution for industrial effluent
• Detection of VOC breakthrough in carbon beds
• Measurement of VOCs in process water
• Reverse Osmosis membrane protection
• Protection of desalination plants

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