Online VOC Analyser for Drain and Effluent – MS1900

MS1900 Drain and Effluent Analyzer is designed to provide continuous measurement of VOCs (Oil and Hydrocarbon) in industrial and trade effluent discharge points.

Regulations on the quality of effluents from trade premises and factories are getting stricter and stricter and VOCs are now in the spotlight.

Thanks to this analyzer you can monitor your effluent discharge and make sure that you detect promptly any problem, avoiding expensive fines and PR disasters.

The system comprises the analyzer and the sampling system. As the water goes through the sampling tank, VOCs dissolved in the water move into the gas phase.

Multisensor’s sampling system helps the VOCs to get in the gas phase. This gas is then continuously analyzed and the VOCs concentration in the water is determined.

For applications where drains are being monitored the MS1900 can be used to directly sample gases on the drain. This provides a lower cost solution but reduces absolute accuracy.


• Low operating and maintenance costs
• High reliability
• No reagents
• Field proven technology
• Continuous monitoring


• Monitoring of industrial drains and discharges
• Monitoring of process water
• River and storm water measurement
• Oil and Fuel Leak Detection
• Detection of VOCs in the sewage system

Technical Specifications

Detection Range100 ug/L (ppb) ~ 10 mg/L (ppm)
[Measured against Toluene Standard]
Accuracy+/- 15%
Analogue Output1 x 4 ~ 20 mA, Max Load: 900 Ohms
Relay Output1 x Alarm Relays
1 x Fault Relay
[NO and NC Contacts / Rating: 50V/5A]
InterfaceLocal LED Display of reading
USB-A to PC with Multisensor Software Provided
Power Supply
[Power Consumption]
90 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
10 ~ 15 VDC
[9 Watts Max ; Average: 7 Watts]
Data StorageuSD Card
300 x 200 x 132 mm
[5 kg]
Sampling System Capacity3 Liters
Sampling System Dimension
570 x 490 mm
[12 kg]
Sample Flow Rate
2 L/min
[1 ~ 40 deg C]
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