Pi OzoSense Ozone analyzer is a Membrane covered amperometric sensor which is insensitive to changing pH, use no reagents, extremely stable, and has reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

Pi OzoSense Ozone analyzer has very little maintenance but yet produce high accuracy result.


  • Pi CRONOS controller can support up to 2 sensor Inputs
  • Pi CRIUS controller can support up to 4 sensor Inputs and Remote Access Features via TCP/IP or GPRS (Require Activation Code)
  • Pi CRONOS and CRIUS Controller Support Modbus RS485 RTU/ASCII, TCP and ProfiBus Communication with Built In Timer, Logic and PID Control (Require Activation Code)
  • Very low maintenance & low cost of ownership
  • Resistant to detergents in the water
  • Up to 6 months between maintenance
  • Does not respond to residual chlorine


  • Type: Membrane covered Amperometric 2-electrode system
  • Range: 0.05-0.2ppm, 0.05-0.5ppm, 0.05-2ppm, 0.05-5ppm, 0.05-10ppm, 0-20ppm
  • Stability: -1% per month
  • Sample Temperature range: 0 to 45 deg C
  • Automatic temperature compensation by integrated thermistor


  • Bottled Water Plants
  • Ozone Dosing Control
  • Cooling Towers
  • Food Preparation
  • Hospitals
  • Waste Water Ozonation

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