PI TurbSense Turbidity Analyser

PI TurbSense® online turbidity meter is a breakthrough in measurement technologies in that it automatically varies the light output so that the turbidity can be measured independently of background light and electronic drift.

Calibration of the TurbSense® is simple and fast. Due to the patented method of mesuring turbidity calibration is only required every year or when a calibration check suggests that the calibration has changed. There are three ways to calibrate the TurbSense®.

The first is to place the  sensor probe into a primary calibration standard inside the calibration chaber supplied. This primary calibration solution is likelyto be a solution of Formazin or a suspension of Latex beads of known turbidity.

The second is by using a Secondary Standard from Pi. This is a solid that when placed against the end of the TurbSense® will give a response of a known turbidity (this secondary standard can be used to calibrate the turbidity sensor and also to provide a check of the calibration already in the probe).

The third way to calibrate a turbidity meter is to measure the turbidity of the sample using a handheld turbidity meter and using that result to calibrate the TurbSense®.


  • Autoclean solid state optical sensor – no moving parts
  • Single point calibration – very easy to use
  • Stable and reliable – excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable, waste and process waters between 0 NTU and 1000 NTU
  • ‘Maintenance free’– low cost of ownership
  • No ‘zero’ required – improved accuracy at the low end
  • Up to 1 year between calibration – very little drift
  • Up to 10 bar – for inline operation
  • 0.001 resolution
  • Automatic debubbling and bubble removal solutions – no interference from bubbles


  • Raw water inlet
  • Settled water turbidity
  • Final water turbidity
  • Waste water effluent turbidity
  • Fire hydrant monitoring
  • Swimming pool clarity monitoring

Technical Specifications

RangeSelectable within 0.01 ~ 1000 NTU
Typical Ranges0.01 ~ 20 NTU
0.01 ~ 100 NTU
0.01 ~ 1000 NTU
Linearityr2 > 0.99
Response TimeT90 >= 10 secs (Adjustable based on Averaging)
Accuracy< 1% of measured value or 0.01 NTU (whichever is greater)
Repeatability> 0.3% of measured value or 0.005 NTU (whichever is greater – Ref: ISO 15839)
Unit of Detection0.01 NTU (0 – 10 NTU: Ref: ISO 15839)
Temperature-20 to 85 deg C
Pressure0 – 10 Bars
Averaging10s – 10 mins
Lamp SourceIR LED, 820nm
Cleaning CyclesUser Settable Cleaning Cycle and Cleaning Time
CleaningAutoclean Water Jet
Enclosure RatingIP65
Sensor Environmental ProtectionIP68
DisplayValue, Alarms and Graph at the same time
Resolution0.001 NTU (0-10), 0.01 NTU (10-100) and 0.1 NTU (>100)
CalibrationSingle Point (Zero Not Required)
Sensor Dimension278mm x 38mm (L x Dia)

Accessories for TurbSense Sensor

PI TurbSense Calibration Chamber
PI TurbSense FlowCell
PI Secondary Calibration Cap

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