Suntex TC-7320-RS Low Range Turbidity Analyser

Suntex TC‐7320‐RS and TD‐200 series is designed for measuring lower range turbidity in clean water. The well designed, accurate system provides resolution capability up to 0.0001 NTU.

There are EPA compliant traditional tungsten lamp sensor and long‐life white LED sensor models for choice.

The transmitter can connect with up to two turbidity sensors and provides all analog & digital outputs and relay controls under a great user‐experience operation interface.


  • The tungsten lamp sensor model, TD‐200, compliant with EPA regulations
  • The long‐life white LED sensor model, TD‐201, requires almost no light source replacement
  • Both models ensure that the measurement is not disturbed by water mist
  • Built‐in sophisticated bubble removal device ensures reliable measurement
  • Easy operation, dual channel, analog and Modbus output transmitter


  • Drinking Water
  • Boiler Water
  • Raw Water of Beverage Industry
  • Membrane Fouling Monitoring
Measuring PrincipleTD-201: White LED
Measuring Range0.0000 ~ 200.00 NTU
Resolution0.0001 NTU, 0.001 NTU, 0.01 NTU
(Depends on Measured Range or Resolution Setting)
Accuracy+/- 1% or +/- 0.02 NTU ( 0 ~ 40 NTU)
+/- 5% (40 ~ 200 NTU)
Measurement UnitNTU, FTU, FNU
Sample Flow Rate Range250 ~ 750 ml/min
DisplayLCM (Graphic Menu Display) with Auto/Manual Illumination Function, Available for Text, Trace and Chart Mode
Text ModeDigital Turbidity Reading
Trace ModeSet up from 3 Min ~ 4 Weeks duration of the Turbidity Value Trend Graph to Master the Process History as well as the display of Real Time Turbidity Reading at the bottom
Chart Mode3 Mins Real Time Dynamic Turbidity Measurement Graph to Monitor Recent Development in Control as well as the display of Real Time Turbidity Reading at the bottom
Analog OutputsTwo Isolated DC 0/4 ~ 20mA Corresponding to Turbidity of each sensor, Max Load 500 Ohms
Relay ContactFour Individual Relays Corresponding to Turbidity Value, Hi/Lo Selectable, Limited Programmable, 240VAC, 0.5A max (Recommended)
Dual Channel Mode: 1st and 2nd Relays for Channel 1 and 3rd and 4th Relays for Channel 2
The 2nd and 4th Relays can be designated for Wash Timer Relay Contact: ON: 0 ~ 99 Min 59Secs, OFF: 0 ~ 999 Hrs 59 Mins
Power Supply100 ~ 240 VAC +/- 10%, 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionTC-7320-RS: 6 Watts Max
TD-201: 6 Watts Max
InstallationTransmitter: Wall or Pipe or Panel Mounting
Sensor: Wall Mounting
Ambient Temperature0 ~ 50 deg C
DimensionTransmitter: 144 x 144 x 115 mm (H x W x D)
Sensor: 296.1 x 306 x 184.1 mm (H x W x D)
Cut Off DimensionTransmitter: 138 x 138 mm (H x W)
WeightTC-7320-RS: 0.8 kg
TD-200: 1.5 kg
TD-201: 1.25 kg
ProtectionTransmitter: IP65 (NEMA 4X)
Max Sensor Cable Length Up to 1500m
Calibration MethodDark Current Calibration: Deducting Voltage Signal at No Light Source Condition to provide more accurate low range Measurement Performance
Up to 5 Points Known Solution Calibration or Optical Dry Standard Module Calibration
For Building both an accurate and wide range measurement curve
Optical Dry Standard Modules are optional
They provide the accurate calibration with ease of use, lowering maintenance loading & consumables, thus saving operation cost
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