Indoor or Outdoor Compact Stationary Water Sampler

WaterSam WS 98 is a compact sampler for indoor or outdoor (House Inside Weather Proof Enclosure) applications that do not require cooling with features the same range of functions as larger, stationary samplers (WS312 or WS316).


  • Typical WaterSam quality and performance in a compact package
  • Housing made of high-value 316Ti stainless steel as standard; well suited for use in demanding environments
  • Compatible with all WaterSam sampling systems; even as a douple sampler for sampling from two different points
  • Suitable for refitting existing samplers (including those from other manufacturers); optionally with connections such as cooling, etc.
  • Can be combined with a commercially available refrigerator for low-cost cooling of composite samples
  • Optional XY Distributor in a support frame for discrete sample distribution to a variety of bottle combinations
  • Optional rinsing of complete sampling line with clean water

Direct Bottle Filling with Numerous Possibilities
WaterSam XY Distributor system has been in use successfully for nearly 20 years and with its wide array of possibilities, reliable operation and minimal follow-up costs have made it the distributor of choice among our customers. The two-axis system makes full use of the entire sample storage chamber by using coordinates to travel and locate bottle positions.

WaterSam XY Distributor for usage with WS98

Technical Specifications

GeneralWall-mount sampler for indoor applications
NormsCE, compliant with ISO 5667
Dimensions340 x 472 x 190 mm (HxWxD)
WeightApprox. 12 kg, depending on sampler configuration
Power Requirements230 V AC; 50 Hz; 60 Watts
Main fuse: 4/10 A
Sampling SystemVAC vacuum pump system for time-, volume-, event-proportional sampling
Optional: VAR-B, VAR-E, VAR-C or peristaltic pump for flow-proportional sampling (variable volumes)
Sample Volume15 – 350 ml (multiple-shot sampling possible)
Optional: larger volumes, up to 1000 ml
Sample VesselDURAN 50 borosilicate glass; dishwasher-safe, resistant to acid, alkali, and temperature fluctuations
Pump Performance Max. 8 m lift height;
0.5 m/s up to 6 m lift heights;
14 l/min free flow
– high-performance pump (19 l/min)
– VacuPress for lift heights up to 30 m
Intake Hose12 mm ID PVC 
Wetted PartsBorosilicate glass, PE, PVC, stainless steel 304/316Ti, silicone (optional: alternative materials as required)
Housing MaterialStainless steel 316Ti
– Powder coating (RAL colors)
– Plastic (UV-resisant)
Environmental ConsiderationConstruction facilitates easy separation of materials for proper recycling and disposal
Distributor (Optional)XY Distributor: two-axis coordinate system for direct depositing of discrete samples with no cross-contamination (only available with optional support frame)
Bottle SynchronizationAutomatic
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