INSTRAN AMMTRACE Ammonia Analyzer from Spain is designed to handle all kind of samples ranging from drinking water to waste water and even for sea water application. It incorporates laboratory measuring technique into online analyzer with self-calibration and self-cleaning in each analysis to ensure the measurement is in high precision.

The unique design of INSTRAN AMMTRACE ammonia analyzer with syringe volume-controlled method ensures syringe will never contact with samples or reagents and thus prolong the shelf life of the syringe. The analyzer requires very little maintenance and low reagents consumption but yet powerful and high in accuracy.


Measuring Principle: Selective Electrode – ASTMD1246 – EPA 60 FR:

  • Sample condition with alkaline reagent to pH>11
  • Reading of the generated electrode potential
  • Addition of known volume of standard
  • Measure by Double Known Addition (DKA) method
  • Precise volume controlled of sample and reagents by syringe dispensing system ensure excellent accuracy and repeatability


  • Self-Cleaning after each Measurement
  • Self-correction/calibration in each Measurement, correcting any drift of the sensor
  • Calibration Interval Every 2 Months (Application Dependent)
  • Very low maintenance & operating cost
  • Low reagent consumption


  • Drinking Water
  • Process Water
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Raw water
  • Desalination
  • Sea Water

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