Ezeio® MKII Hardware

Combining all hardware & firmware components needed for making IIoT work. 100% remotely managed, configured & synchronized.

Technical Specification

Hardware ModelLTE-CAT-M1 (5G IoT) + Ethernet
SecuritySecure OTA sync & updates
Fully encrypted, PKI & 128bit encryption,
Inputs/outputs8 general purpose inputs (discrete, on pluggable terminal, fully configurable)
– 0-10VDC (2.5mV resolution, >65kΩ input impedance)
– 0-30mA (12.5uA resolution, 200Ω internal shunt)
– 0-1MΩ resistance (<2% accuracy in the range 2k – 700kΩ)
– Thermistor (100kΩ/10kΩ/2kΩ types, internal excitation)
– Dry switch (on/off, optional internal excitation)
– Pulse (S0 or KYZ, max. 400Hz, optional internal excitation, monitor pulse rate and/or pulse count/ frequency/interval)
– Electronic configuration of pull-up / shunt
– Protected with PTC
– Internal 0.5% reference
4 general purpose outputs (discrete, on pluggable terminal, fully configurable)
– Output 1/2 – digital (on/off), sourcing max. 200mA each
– Output 3 – PWM output or on/off output (sourcing max. 200mA)
– Output 4 – analog, 0-10V, 0.1V resolution (sourcing up to 10mA)
– Supports plug-in sidecar ezeio I/O expansion (third-party I/O can be added via the communication ports)
Modbus/RTU Master port (RS485)Up to 32 devices
Baud Rate: 1200 to 115200 bps
Modbus/TCP server & client 
(TP 10/100 Ethernet)
Configurable port numbers (standard 502)
CANbusSupports J1939
Optionally used for I/O expansion
SDI-12 portSupports v1.4
Optional support for serial NMEA 0183 (GPS)
Other hardware featuresSMA antenna connector (cellular)
+5V DC regulated output, max. 200mA
PTC fused DC output, max. 200mA for sensors
On-board RTC (24h supercap backup)
3 dual-color indicator LEDs
Pushbutton for controlled start-up/reset
Power supply12-24V DC
Standard 5.5/2.1mm plug in barrel connector
Optionally powered through screw terminal
0.8W self-draw (average), 3W peak (short sub-second bursts)
Hibernation mode, <0.06W (average)
Dimension & weight W: 108mm/4.3in, H: 90mm/3.6in (excl. connectors), D: 33mm/1.3in
Allow 50mm top & bottom for connectors & wiring
35mm DIN rail or screw mounted
Weight: 0.150kg/5.3oz
On-board log buffer memory
Full system log data (>50 days @ 10 minutes logging)
Large dynamic log data buffer, i.e.
10 fields, >30 days @ 10 seconds
50 fields, >30 days @ 1 minute
>6,000 events/alarms/transactions
All logs auto-uploaded to eze.io backend
CapabilitiesUp to 90 monitored fields
Up to 300 alarms for local events, SMS, email, voice calls etc.
Geo-fence features with GPS support
Up to 2000 card/PIN codes
Schedules & Calendar10-year calendar
30 daily schedules
Additional featuresFull remote configuration & management
Live data access
Automatic data synchronization with eze.io cloud
Expression engine for field math & alarms
Remote firmware upgrade
Standard & custom driver support for industrial devices
Powerful scripting support
OthersOperating Temperature: -20 to 65°C
Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
IP Rating: IP40 (use indoors/in electrical enclosure)
Max. number of devices per ezeio Hardware:
40 drivers
31 devices on a RS485 bus
252 devices on a network subnet
CertificationsFCC Part 15 B 15.017 & 15.109
AS/NZS CISPR 32 (2015)
EN 55032 (2012) +AC1
EN 61000-3-2 (2014)
EN 61000-3-3 (2013)
EN 55024 (2019) +A1
VCCI-CISPR 32:2016 Class B
Verizon OD
RoHS 3

Expansion Module is available for more Inputs or Outputs for Ezeio MKII Hardware

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