pH / ORP

Suntex pH/ORP transmitter / Controller from Taiwan offers intelligent and reliable online pH monitoring system to suit your different applications need.

Suntex pH/ORP controller available in two different ranges.

Model PC-3110 and PC-3310 are intelligent control unit with 2 set points and wash contact, graphic display, up to 3 points calibration and etc.

Model PC-100 and PC-110 are budget and for simple application. They can also be used as second meter to receive mV, mA signal from other transmitter.

All transmitters are compatible with PT-1000 and NTC30k temperature probe. If you are looking for a replacement transmitter, Suntex transmitter will be your best choice because it can support most of analog pH or ORP sensor in the market.

PC-3310 / PC-3310-RS

144 x 144mm Intelligent pH / ORP Transmitter

  • PC-3310 series with setting & last cal. info overview
  • PC-3310-RS with Text, Chart, and Trace mode display
  • Two limited ON/OFF contact output
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof design

PC-3110 / PC-3110-P / PC-3110-RS

96 x 96mm Intelligent pH / ORP Transmitter

  • PC-3110 equipped with isolated DC 0/4-20mA analog output
  • PC-3110-P equipped with PID control function to maximize the stability of process
  • PC-3110-RS comes with one analog output and RS-485 interface, allow up to 5-point calibration.
  • Multi-Cal calibration, Tech and NIST buffer automatic recognition
  • Automatic sensor clean function with programmable time interval

PC-110 / PC-100

48 x 96mm Basic pH / ORP Panel Meter

  • PC-100 comes only with 1nos analog output without relay
  • PC-110 equipped with 1nos analog output and relay output
  • Can use as a second meter to receive mV, mA signal from other transmitter
  • User-friendly operation

pH / ORP Sensor

  • Available for sample temperature up to 1300C, pressure resistance up to 6bar
  • Different mounting options to suit your installation needs including immersion, bypass, inline fitting

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