Laboratory Benchtop ION/pH/ORP/Temp Meter

Suntex SP-2510 Laboratory Benchtop ION/pH/ORP/Temp Meter ingeniously designed to intuitively display the measurement status. SP-2510 features USB Type-C power supply and the capability to connect to a printer. Generous memory capacity accommodates an impressive 60,000 sets of measurement data. The intuitive and visual calibration graphics make it especially suitable for educational purposes, setting it apart not only with its calibration reminder function but also with its uniqueness. The screen offers diverse display modes catering to specific experimental data needs. Linear and segmented calibration modes allow for flexible selection of the most suitable calibration method. Encompassing various brands of standard solutions, this provides greater flexibility for your calibration needs. It can display a 3-minute trend graph, continuously tracking changes in sample values. Also, features ion selective method and direct reading of ppm unit.


  • Auto-Read function status indicator light (breathing light)
  • The calibration records comply with GLP standards
  • Provides various display options, including calibration standard solutions or real-time potential
  • Calibration reminder function can display the countdown of calibration days
  • Comprehensive pH calibration graph can be displayed after the calibration
  • Calibration features both linear and segmented calibration modes
  • Integrated multi-brand standard solution table for targeted calibration
  • USB Type-C power supply function and the ability to connect to an array printer
  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature
  • Stores up to 60,000 data and 50 calibration records
  • Display a 3-minute real-time chart
  • Provide setting and calibration passcode function
  • Reliable USB Type-C connection for data transfer to the computer
Measuring RangepH: -2~20 pH
ORP: -2000~2000 mV
Temperature: -10.0~110.0°C
ION: 0.001~999,999ppm
0.001~999.99 μmol/L
1.000~999,999 mmol/L
Resolution & AccuracypH: 0.001pH, ±0.005pH
ORP: 1mV/0.1mV, ±0.05%
Temperature: 0.01°C, ±0.2°C
ION: 0.001ppm, ±0.5% ppm
Auto Read FunctionYes, with status light indicator
Auto power-offYes (Built-in timer)
Temperature CompensationAutomatic with NTC30K or PT1000 or manual adjustment
CalibrationpH: Up to 5 points calibration / TECH, NIST, Any, MERCK, JIS Z8802, Mettler US/EU, Define Buffers
ORP: Relative potential adjustment range: ±300.0mV
ION: Up to 5 points calibration
Data transmittingTwo USB-C for connecting PC and printer(RS-232 protocol
Data storageAuto/Manual, 60,000 sets
(Measurement, temp., time, date, user_ group ID, sample No.)
Calibration RecordThe last 50 calibration records
Display4.3”Graphic LCM backlight display, with manual brightness adjustment function
Power SupplyUSB Type-C or 6V Adapter Transformer (optional
Dimensions220mm x 180mm x 65mm (L x W x H)
Weightabout 0.46kg
Subject to Change
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