ISE Fluoride Measurement with TISAB and SKA Method (Similar to Laboratory Measuring Method)

INSTRAN Fluoride Analyser from Spain is designed to handle all kind of samples ranging from drinking water to waster water application. INSTRAN Fluoride Analyzer incorporate laboratory measuring technique (ISE) into online analyzer with self-calibration and self-cleaning in each analysis to ensure the measurement is in high precision to laboratory result.

ISE Fluoride Measurement (Residual Free Fluoride Ion) without Reagent

Suntex IT-8310-RS Ion transmitter has rugged IP 65 enclosure and can be wall, panel, pipe mounted in almost any industrial application. When compatible with fluoride ion selective electrodes, the complete system is extremely powerful of detecting the F- ion in wastewater of semiconductor, solar panel, LCD industries. Suitable for Customer Sample pH between 5 ~ 10 with Composite or pH do not vary a lot. Interference with OH-, Al3+, Fe3+

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