ISE Fluoride Measurement (Residual Free Fluoride Ion) without Reagent

SUNTEX IT-8310-RS Ion transmitter has rugged IP 65 enclosure and can be wall, panel, pipe mounted in almost any industrial application. When compatible with fluoride ion selective electrodes, the complete system is extremely powerful of detecting the F- ion in wastewater of semiconductor, solar panel, LCD industries. The transmitter inherits our reliable technology which features in accurate, robust, and easy to use functions.

Benefits and Features:

  • ISE method of ion measurement provides excellent selectivity
  • Automatic function: auto cal, self-test, and error code indication
  • IP 65 waterproof and dustproof design
  • Back-lit LCD with ON/OFF/Auto programmable illumination
  • Isolated current output DC 0/4~20mA corresponding to measurement
  • Equipped with one analog output and RS-485 interface (Modbus protocol)
  • Two Hi/Lo Limited contact outputs; Set points with programmable hysteresis function
  • One Wash Contact Outputs: Built in Adjustable Timer (On/Off) with Hysteresis to release 4-20mA Output hold features
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Gradually continuous sample measurements average function to enhance stability
  • Wash function with programmable time-interval control
  • LED indication alarm or wash status signal
  • Password protection


  • Measuring Range: 0.2 – 20000 ppm as F-
  • Sample Working pH Range: 5 – 10pH
  • Sample Working Temperature: 5 – 80 deg C
  • Sensor Interference Ion: OH-, Al3+, Fe3+


  • Wastewater treatment of semiconductor, solar panel, and LCD industries
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